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About Henna Moon: Henna Moon opened in 2001 as the first shop in Australia to specialize in all aspects of natural henna services and products.

After 8 fantastic years in Fremantle, Henna Moon relocated during 2009 to the sunny coastal town of Exmouth WA, 1270km north of Perth. Be sure to contact us while visiting the area on your next holiday to the beautiful Ningaloo Reef.

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Henna Body Art Services: Henna Moon offers natural henna body art services in the Exmouth and Coral Bay areas of Western Australia. An extensive range of quality designs are available, with something to suit every taste. Artwork is applied freehand by experienced henna artists, providing an authentic experience into the world of natural henna art. Click here for full list of Henna Body Art Services

Henna Body Art: Adorning the skin with henna is an ancient artform which dates back over 5000 years. In India, North Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East it is thought to bring good fortune and happiness to those who wear it. Henna designs are traditionally worn for celebrations and other auspicious occasions, such as weddings, pregnancy and birth ceremonies and religious festivals. Read more about Henna Body Art

Henna for Hair Colour: For thousands of years, natural henna has been used to colour and condition the hair. Henna will enhance the hair’s natural colour and highlights or create a deeper, richer shade. Henna is a translucent dye, therefore it will give light and dark tones throughout the hair wherever there is a variation of colour, producing a natural looking result. Read more about Henna for Hair Colour

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